General terms and conditions

General terms and conditions

Area of application: For all of CITY GUIDE BERLIN, René Langer, furnished achievements and switchings.
Cancel of achievements as well as in connection standing agreements become only binding by the confirmation by CITY GUIDE BERLIN for self as well as for the customer. Made offers are always not-binding.

Cancel from a reservation is possible. This should happen in the interest of the proof in writing. City guidance: With resignation from booked achievements 21 days to 15 days before beginning of meeting a handling charge of 50% develops, 14 days to 3 days a charge of 75%, afterwards the entire price becomes due. Special meetings, daily and multi-daily schedules/short journeys: With resignation 21 days to 15 days before the meeting date/travel beginning a handling charge of 50% of the price, with later resignation develops places we following remuneration in calculation: 14 days to 3 days before meeting date/travel beginning 75%; starting from 72 h before meeting and/or travel beginning we compute the full price.
Clients, who are not at the same time users of the achievements, are responsible with this as total debtors for the fulfilment of all agreements. Prices understand themselves in euro; they contain the legal VAT of 19%, except own contributions such as Guides, those not VAT requiring (if no other agreement is met). With an increase of the value added tax prices are adapted. Payments: usually achievements are such as city guidance, vehicle renting (VIP sedan, Van, bus, boat, wheel, aircraft, etc..) to transfer 4 weeks in advance to our Banking account.
Special terms for group packages or booking of several vehicles etc. therefore all costs must be prepaid latest 10 weeks before arrival.
Options: If for one or more achievements an option one agreed upon, this purges spareless, if up to the agreed upon date no request for extension of the option were placed and/or these were converted into a firm reservation.

Adhesion: CITY GUIDE BERLIN as mediators and organizers is responsible only for own services. A large adhesion is impossible. For all foreign achievements from hotel and catering trade service, shipping company services, bus and sedan services, routistic service etc.CITY GUIDE BERLIN is only mediator. Liability claims from such foreign achievements can be made directly valid only against the respective service provider. Achievement disturbances by weather, by loss of courses or by other influences, on which the organizer does not have influence, go debited to the client. By not requisition of achievements in consequence of premature return journey or for other compelling reasons the client does not have a claim to reimbursement.
While city guidance are not separately insured participants. Insurance is excluding thing of the participants. Examine their existing insurance (patients -, accident -, liability insurance). With multi-daily schedules as well as with short journeys the respective offerer/tour operator of CITY GUIDE BERLIN clings in the case of liability. Set-off of the orderer with requirements of any kind is inadmissibly, in the same way restraint of payments at CITY GUIDE BERLIN because of such requirements. The assignment of a demand against CITY GUIDE BERLIN is impossible.
If the smooth business concern, which is exposed to security or the call by CITY GUIDE BERLIN of an endangerment, reserves itself as well as in the case of higher force, CITY GUIDE BERLIN the cancellation of the contract. The valid making of any claims for damages against CITY GUIDE BERLIN is impossible thereby. Place of delivery for itself all commitments resulting in from the contractual relation is potsdam. Exclusive area of jurisdiction is potsdam. If a determination of these general trading conditions should be ineffective, then that affects not the validity of the other regulations. In place of the invalid regulation one applies for it if possible approximating valid regulation. Deviating agreements or special agreements must be specified and confirmed in writing by both contracting parties. Information for left on these homepage:

The regional court Hamburg (LG) decided with judgement of 12.05.1998 - 312 O 85/98 - "adhesion for left" that one has to if necessary also answer for contents of the left side by the mounting of a on the left of. This can be prevented - so the LG - only by the fact that one dissociates oneself expressly from these contents. We put on our PAGE left to other sides in the InterNet. To all these left applies: We would like to stress expressly that we did not have any influence on the organization and contents of the linked and listed sides. Therefore dissociate ourselves we hereby expressly from all contents of all linked and listed sides on our entire Website inclusive all lower surfaces. This explanation applies to all on our homepage attached on the left of and for all contents of the sides, to which left or banners lead. This explanation applies for link collections, which will exist at present to exist or in the future to all left and. This explanation applies also to all entries in our guest book.


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