Visit the historic battlefields near Berlin

199. Victory Day - battlefield Grossbeeren

between 23.- 26. August 2012 at Grossbeeren (south of Berlin - 8 km)

Historic uniforms, battle show, biwak etc.

Free entrance!

anno 1813 battlefield Grossbeeren

Klicken Sie hier, um zur Galerie zu gelangen.

Battlegrounds around Berlin

23.-26. August 2012
at Grossbeeren

22.August 1813 Großbeeren


A "historical migration" in the area south of Jueterbog leads across the fields between because joke and Niedergoersdorf, on which on 6th. September 1813 one of the most important battles of the war of liberation was struck against the napoleonischen troops. Here as in large berries, the second important scene of the fights for Berlin in the north of the circle, monuments remind of the victories of the Prussian troops.


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