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Majestic train

Welcome on board of the majestic train de luxe
Enjoy the luxury of an imperial journey.

In 1991, a century after the original train was built, Gottfried Rieck, an engineer with the Austrian Federal Railways, along with his wife Sibylle, set out to realize their dream of rebuilding one carriage of this legendary train. Gottfried had worked for the railways for over thirty-five years, having begun his career shovelling coal on a steam locomotive. After many months, their dream became reality with the rebirth of the Salon I carriage, adapting the still existing original plans to meet strict modern safety requirements.

Engineers have combined the rigid safety lines for modern trains with the exorbitant magnificence and glory of their ancient originals. The passion of the Rieck family to rebuild historical trains and bring them back on track again inspired further enthusiasts of nostalgic trains: Stefan Gutmann and his family entered into a partnership with the Rieck family and took over the majority of the company shares in 2012.

On May 19, 1998, the youngest female descendant of Emperor Franz Joseph I. and his famous wife Empress Elisabeth, Maria Christina Habsburg-Lothringen, baptized the glamorously restored Majestic Imperator Luxury train composed of six wagons altogether.

By then a dream for both families had come true: „To enable our guests a train travel experience which will stay in their minds forever.“

We welcome you on board!

Attention! Please book very early your majestic train trip in autumn or christmas, because the train has not very much seats. office: 0049 331-64720501

Majestic train

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