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Schlosspark Theater- Berlin- Steglitz

Schloss Str. (metro station Rathaus Steglitz / bus 148

shows only in German language

June 2017

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Theater des Westens: since over 100 years!
In the Charlottenburger Kantstrasse, which runs from the west to the east, Bernhard Sehring established 1895-96 that impressive theatres, to its architectural style strongly the historicism outgoing 19. Century reflects. The theatre is the most well-known musical and Musical stage of Berlin. In the original building the front was decorade richly with art deco pictures and decorative fixtures, and high roof lanterns effect and splendidly the corners of a building. A collonade, which rises over the balcony parapet wall, marks the road front, and the main entrance is on the western building side. In order to accommodate the German opera Berlin in the early post-war period, one rebuilt the theatre at the beginning of the 50's damaged in the war, but the inside was reconstructed in simplified forms. 1978 one restored the splendid again-baroque inside, and 1987 was reconstructed the roof lanterns and the bekroente central's group, which had created formerly Gustav Eberlein.

Theater des Westens Musical- Theater

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