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Winter fairy tale in Brandenburg from / to Zossen
We reserve a fun ride with a trolley, torchlight train, campfire and roast goose "all you can eat", for families, friends or work colleagues. On the Advent weekends in december you can beat your own Christmas tree!

You need a reservation in advance! Hotline phone 49331-64720501
Beginning before Easter 2018 with several vehicles south and north (Brandenburg) of Berlin accessible via train or car!

Ride your daisine in the nature, it´s great!

1. Schnuppertour - half-day tour of Zossen to Mellensee

Schnuppertour with bicycle and small lever handcar

Bicycle trolley tour - for groups of 2 or 4 and up to 225 people, it goes with the bicycle or small lever trolley on rails to Mellensee A real fun for those who want to get a whiff times. When bicycle handcar are two people on cycling, while making the other on a bench in the center easily. Of the tracks passed, one drives along the idyllic Notte channel after Mellensee Here you can fortify yourself at the restored refreshment hall directly at the train station in the beer garden under the chestnut trees. The opening times please contact the operator, Mr. Schoppe under: consult Tel 0176/62886765..

Mini Golf on experience Station - With the trolley for Mini Golf on experience Station Mellensee.Spielen a round of miniature golf on the 18-hole course right on experience Bahnhof Mellensee Whether beginner, amateur player or a professional, all are young or old welcome here. The round costs per adult and EUR 3,50 per child under 14 years EUR 2.50. Also check out the funny humor bicycles on the train and test their skills.

For a walk in the place you can taste in the gelaterias the homemade cakes and ice cream, or buy a fishing fresh fish. The lake invites you to jump into the cool wet.

After a 2 hour stay the trip is begun to Zossen.

Start and end station Zossen

Departure time morning:
Bicycle handcar 10:30
small lever handcar 9:30

Bicycle handcar 14:30
small lever handcar 14:30
Tour duration between 3.5 4.5 hours
Reinefahrt time about 30-45 minutes each way
Capacity bike trolley: 2 to 180 people
small lever trolley: 4 to 48 people
Price 9,90 € per person
€ 6.90 per child (5-14 years)
Children under 4 years go free

Prices include
Vehicle deployment, training, course map, trolley journey Zossen-Mellensee Zossen, fun bikes on experience Bahnhof Mellensee

2. Discovery Tour - Day Tour of Mellensee

For a whole day the trolley is the ideal companion for discoveries either side of the rail track. After starting in Zossen 9-11 pm there once no limit. Only in Jänickendorf 25 km away is a buffer of varied tour for families and friends to an end. Until then, several places for unusual explorations lined. For the railgun track is lifted at designated places easily from the track to continue the trip for a certain time on foot.
In Mellensee can thus play a round of mini golf and made a detour to a sculptor couple in Sperenberg be. Two artists from the Netherlands have changed the old train station to the residence, studio and showroom. Kummersdorf finally applies among historians even as the cradle of German rocket research, which still bear witness to some ruins in the former military base. A small museum keeps the memories it. In addition, of course, enough time for a picnic or even a dip in the lake. Only at 18 o'clock the track cars must have returned to the station Zossen.

Start and end station Zossen

Departure time 9:00 to 11:00
Tour duration between 5-9 hours
Reinefahrt time about 2.5 hours each way
Capacity groups of 2 to 180 people
Price 17,90 * per person
12.90 * per child (5-14 years)
Children under 4 years free

* Fri, Sat, Sun and holidays plus. 2, €

Prices include
Vehicle deployment, training, course map, trolley ride through the Baruth glacial valley in Fläming

3. I-want-everything-Tour - Tour combination of 3 different vehicles

Trip trolley hydro-bike and bike Conference

The snapshots of this tour could trigger many curious problems affecting uninvolved observer. Because the photos would not only cheerful trolley driver point to the five-kilometer route between Zossen and Mellensee. The same actors are engaged after arriving on the waiting conference bicycles more or less vigorously in pedals, only one of the six rider can determine the direction. With joint force is a short drive away the Mellensee, now the hydrobikes come on for use. The like a bicycle for moving structures are not tip over and not capsize and are therefore suitable for everyone. A photo from "Cycling on the water" guaranteed definitely attention and memories. Then it's back to Zossen back on the trolley These four to four and a half hour tour can mornings at 9:30 am and in the afternoon at 14.30 to start and is especially suitable for groups, businesses or attend the meeting.

Start and end station Zossen
Departure time morning: 9:30
Afternoon: 14:30
Tour duration approximately 4 4.5 hours
Reine total travel time 2.5 hours
Capacity groups of 6 to 48 people
Price 29,90 * per person
14.90 * per child (5-14 years)
Children under 4 years free

* Fri, Sat, Sun and holidays plus. 5, €

Prices include
Vehicle deployment, training, course map, ride trolley, conference bike and hydro-bike, tour guide

4. Group tour - for large groups of 10

Excursion with large lever Handcars lake

The group tour

To set the large lever Handcars in motion, it already takes several strong arms. This nine kilometer long trip from Mellensee station to the beach in Sperenberg is offered for groups of 10 to over 100 people. Each four guests then move the lever up and down while the rider to adjust either the replacement or simply enjoy the scenery. For safety continues with a tour guide, which guarantees especially safety when crossing roads.

The team of a company or of a larger group of friends can look forward to a great experience. Because after arriving in Sperenberg - either in the morning or afternoon - supplemented if desired an additional program the trolley ride. Conceivable are a coffee and cake, a guided walk, a serenade for the birthday boy or a small catering offer.

Thanks to the great rain hood of the trolley must such tours, which last at least three hours, even in the rain does not fall into the water.

Start and end station Mellensee
Departure time morning: 10:00 am
Afternoon time: 14:00
Duration of the tour about 3.5 hours
Reine total travel time approximately 2 hours
Capacity Groups from 10 to 112 people
Price 17,90 * per person
12.90 * per child (5-14 years)
Children under 4 years free

* Fri, Sat, Sun and holidays plus. 2, €

Prices include
Vehicle deployment, training, course map, ride trolley, tour guide, entrance to the beach Sperenberg
Bookable event blocks:

Web game Olympics
The team event at the excitement, fun and games are in the foreground. By the way, are welded together as a team through different subjects such as emerging rocker, Schaffner season or rail throwing participants.

Together hiking with colleagues, family or a school class in the footsteps of Robin Hood and William Tell. Thanks to the professional guidance this discipline is quick to learn and thus be able to use a bow and arrow accordingly.

With the trolley for Mini Golf
Mini golf, sports and leisure activities for groups, teams and individuals. The ideal way for people of all ages to push a winning ball and relax.

5. Two-handcar tour - Combined tour of bicycle and large lever handcar

Only bicycle handcar, then lever handcar - destination is the lake

A combination of bicycle and large lever handcar. Pure Ideal for groups of 12 or the rail-biking or want to use the comprehensive package with coffee and cake or barbecue.

Tour Description

The start and finish point is the experience Station in Zossen Upon ascending to the bicycle track cars, the ride starts. Two pedaling, the other two do it in the middle on the bench comfortably. The route runs along the Notte Canal, across meadows and fields in the five-kilometers away "village of fishermen", according Mellensee

Once there is change to the large lever Handcars, which are also often called Greater Handcars. Equipped with safety vests and flags, secure the intersecting street crossings. A ride-tour guide, can provide information about the country and people.

Otherwise you may let off steam and to spur each other on. During four to six people pry, it can make up to eight people on the bench comfortably and enjoy the wind. The nine kilometer route up to Sperenberg, takes you through meadows, forests and small towns through a nature reserve of the Baruth glacial valley up to the breakpoint in Sperenberg. After a stay with possibility to walk through the gypsum quarries or visiting the beach Sperenberg the ride with the track cars going back to the starting point. Only with the lever Handcars after Mellensee and then with the bike track cars to the starting point, experience station Zossen

A cozy barbecue at the end of the tour or a coffee and cake buffet complete the active half-day trip.

Start and end station Zossen
Departure time 9:00
Tour duration about 5 hours
Pure driving time about 1 1/2 hours each way
Capacity groups of 12 up to 180 people
Price 24,90 * per person
14.90 * per child (5-14 years)
Infants under 4 years go free

* Fri, Sat, Sun and holidays plus. 2, €

Prices include
Vehicle deployment, training, ride bicycle Handcars to Mellensee, tour escorted ride to Sperenberg with large lever hand car and access to the lido Sperenberg

6. Midsummer Night trip - lever handcar with camp fire

tired Evening trolley journey with barbecue
"Summer Night Tour" - evening trolley ride Barbecue

This delightful version provides for groups of 20 or a special kind of relaxation with large lever Handcars it comes to the short distance towards sunset. A rich buffet barbecue and social gatherings at the cozy campfire complete this tour.

Tour Description

Start and end point is the Zossen Bahnhof There is a large lever trolley ready to pry the among the warm summer night away from 5km "village of fishermen". Along the Notte channel over meadows and fields passed through the rails, can be reached in about 30 minutes drive to the train station "Mellen-Saalow". In Mellensee arrived, you can enjoy a barbecue buffet on our historic train. On cool days, it will be really comfortable around the campfire. A relaxing evening program for young and old. After a two-hour stay, the return trip takes the shuttle bus directly back to Zossen Bahnhof

Start and end station Zossen
Departure Time 18:30
Tour duration approximately 4 hours
Reinefahrt time about 30-45 minutes
Capacity Groups of 20 to 300 people
Price 34,90 * per person
19.90 * per child (5-14 years)
5.00 per toddler (1-4 years)

* Fri, Sat, Sun and holidays plus. X 10 €

Prices include
Vehicle Deployment, briefing, drive to Mellensee, BBQ buffet at Mellensee station, fireplace *, return by shuttle bus to Zossen

(* Not at risk of forest fires)

You need a reservation in advance! Hotline phone 49331-64720501

Winter dreams near Berlin Ride a Draisine from Zossen to Mellensee

All seasons- Draisine

Enjoy a special adventure!You can try several Draisines.

Draisine rides north and south west of Berlin

In November and December grilled goose all you can eat, christmas tree, "Glühwein" etc.

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