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Berlin Bunker

Bunker tour

"Down Under" in Berlin City centre
in connection of "Berliner Unterwelten e.V."
The underground buildings of the Prenzlauer mountain are a copy of the history of Berlin since 1850: You customers of the industrial revolution, the metropolis striving for progress with her town technique, the worker culture, the terror of the national socialists, the economic conditions in the DDR and today's art and cultural scene of the district. It shall exemplarily be shown with this tour at three different places how underground buildings as testimonials Berliner and also German history can be read.

The tour introduces the cellars to the Königstadt brewery for the first time which originally served the production and storage of beer. During the war they were used for the production of weapons as air-raid shelters and under the assumed name "Lore III" for producing forces. One cultivated mushrooms there at DDR times.

The old reservoirs which were set up in the context of the "town hygiene" for Berlin as of 1853 and represented an important part of the municipal infrastructure of Berlin to 1914 are the second station. Among other things you served as stores after this for fish, food and at times of the DDR for "west vehicles". Today cultural events take place in the vaults with her unusual acoustics during the summer.

Last, the historical buildings are shown to the former brewery tailor which belonged to the big beer gardens before the gates of Berlin. The leadership shows the historical store vaults, in which the use is comprehensible as an air-raid shelter and these turned out into oblivion later.

The different current use concepts which were developed of the responsible co-operative societies and private investors as well as of cultural institutions for these buildings in addition are explained.

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Have a look into Berlins bunker, tunnel etc.

Berliner Unterwelten

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